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There is a rebate for 35% of installed system cost, capped at $52,500 for small businesses.


Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs):
An SREC is a certificate that is awarded for every megawatt hour of electricity you produce with your solar electric system. Pennsylvania’s SREC program provides a means for people with solar power systems to gain significant value through the selling of SRECs to utilities. In order to receive payments, your system must be registered in the state(s) where the SRECs will be sold.

SRECs are slightly different from standard RECs, as they are only produced by solar systems. Standard RECs are produced by any renewable source. This includes sources such as wind, biomass, hydropower, etc. SRECs are, therefore, less common and more valuable than standard RECs.

You are guaranteed to receive payments for your SRECs for 15 years; the price for an SREC changes every day. To see how much extra cash you could make by selling your SREC’s follow this link for a free solar installation quote.


Commercial Federal Grant:

For all commercial solar electric and solar hot water systems there is a federal grant equal to 30% of the total installation cost, with no maximum limit. This grant is issued by the Treasury Department and paid within 2 months of the completion of your solar power project.

Federal Acclerated Depreciation:

Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS): All commercial solar electric and solar hot water installations are classified as five-year property.